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Shot Online
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Shot Online Description

Golfers and fans enter into competitions against each other in this 3D sports simulation. Train your character and make him the Tiger Woods of the browser game world...


The client game Shot Online is an online golf game that is based on fairly realistic moves. It offers the opportunity to develop your virtual character, and it represents the daily life of a golfer.

Your player improves through daily training and competitions in Shot Online. You promote his abilities by completing quests and trading items. You will see: it takes a lot of patience to learn golf.
It is, obviously, helpful to occasionally win a match and collect the game prizes. That way you will be able to buy better equipment for your sportsman and improve his skills.

The developers of Shot Online apparently placed emphasis on making the game as realistic as possible. The behavior of the golf ball in the air is calculated in detail by the physics engine. Wind and other factors are taken into consideration as well as the course properties. The movements of your player were simulated by a real PGA golfer which makes it look quite real. The game also allows you to communicate with other players via chat.

Shot Online is a good mix of sports games and simulations. The realistic movements of your character, the development opportunities and the option to compete against many other users make for an entertaining game.

by Kyle Hayth

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