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Shogun's Fate
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Shogun's Fate Description

The stage is set for you to become the leader of the shogunate. All you must do is defeat your rivals and claim the empire for yourself. Secure your place and emperor and let none challenge you...


Shogun's Fate is a browser-based strategy game where your ultimate goal is to become the ruler of the shogunate. You are placed on a map surrounded by other players in different regions and you must defeat them or rally them to your cause in order to complete your mission.

Feudal Age Japan was a challenging time to be a daimyo, or Feudal Lord, and you must protect your kingdom from others who wish to take it from you. Develop your provinces into sprawling cities and train your troops to build an army. Organize political events to sway the balance of power in your favor. Hire ninjas to carry out top-secret missions and assassinations. Form clans and alliances to solidify your position in your region.

Instead of the "never-ending" game play that is featured in many browser-based strategy games, Shogun's Fate has turns which have a pre-determined time limit. This can range from a couple days to months, but you must achieve your goals in the prescribed time frame.

By winning and completing games, you will receive points based on your performance. With these points you will be able to unlock talents and abilities in the Shogun's Fate talent tree. These can be very useful and will give you an edge on those around you. This way, the best players are rewarded for their hard work in Shogun's Fate.

Rule the shogunate of Feudal Japan through strength of will and superior strategy. Find allies in the most unlikely places and wipe your enemies from the map as you secure the regions around you. Gather points to unlock powerful talents in Shogun's Fate, the free-to-play browser strategy game.

by Kyle Hayth

Shogun's Fate Screenshots

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