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Sho Online
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Sho Online Description

Based on ancient Chinese folklore, this online game takes you back in time to the epic saga of the 'Fengshen Yanyi' to the core of an all-out war between two nations.


Two nations – the Yin and the Zhou – are at war, and your mission in the client-based game Sho Online is to join one of these nations, and help them rebuild and reclaim the land as theirs. Your strength and bravado can determine the fate of these nations. There are over 80 historical regions to explore and take claim as your nation’s own in the mystical client game Sho Online.

Players can have up to four characters in Sho Online, choosing from three character classes and a further two professions for each class. The first of these characters is the Assassin, who is highly skilled at the use of daggers and bows, and uses speed and agility to overthrow their opponents in combat. The two occupations for the Assassin class are the Dagger Master and the Archer, each with their own preferred weapon.

The second character in Sho Online is the Warrior – fierce, brutal and determined, they have superb physical strength and use spears and axes in battle. Play as either a Demon Knight or Adamantor and demonstrate your warrior spirit as you defiantly overcome your enemies. The third character is the Soolsa. The Soolsa is an expert at magic and spell casting and thrives in long-range combat. Play either as the offensive Dark Soolsa or the mystical Taoistic Priest in the fantasy role-playing game Sho Online.

There is a party system in Sho Online allowing you to band together with friends and allies and form a powerful front with which to take on enemy players and NPCs. Additionally, the game features a housing system, intricate character development, PvP and PvE combat, and an enchanting system to enhance equipment.

by Kyle Hayth

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