Shikihime Zoushi
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Shikihime Zoushi
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Shikihime Zoushi Description

Send your fantastic creatures into battle in this turn-based strategy game set in medieval Japan. Shikihime Zoushi will enchant and challenge you!


Collect all the Shikihime that you can find in this turn-based strategy game set in Japan’s golden Heian period. Just in case your Japanese history knowledge is a little muddled, the Heian period refers to the time between 794 and 1185 when Buddhism, Taoism, and other Chinese influences were at their height in Japan. Oh, you were less confused about the period of time than you are about the Shikihime? Let us explain! The Shikihime are special creatures with powerful and diverse abilities. Each one of these fantastic creatures has a very distinct place in Shikihime Zoushi. Some are more adept at fighting, while others excel at healing.

All of their skills are based on the five elements, giving them advantages and disadvantages against one another. Some of them simply roam the world of the browser game, while others have to be crafted. Combine some of the characters to create new elite Shikihime. These merges will result in stronger magic and more unique abilities. What all of these wonderful creatures have in common is that they want to be trained by you. You are their Onmyoji - or their master - and they will follow your every command. You are a true Yin & Yan master who knows the ins and outs of magical battles.

Shikihime Zoushi is a turn-based strategy game with roleplaying elements. Sounds like a lot of words. In a nutshell, the anime-style game is a tactical fighting game. You will fight against other trainers by sending your Shikihime into battle. Each of these fights takes place on a tile-based map allowing for profound strategies. Special weapons, armor, and more than 90 powerful spells will give you an extra edge on the battlefield.

Shikihime Zoushi also offers exciting single-player content. Go on varied quests which gradually get more difficult. Progress the story behind the fantasy game as you level up your Shikihime.

Shikihime Zoushi Screenshots

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