Shikihime Garden
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Shikihime Garden
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Shikihime Garden Description

Develop your own anime deck of cards and create a beautiful Japanese garden. Watch your cards come to life as they explore and play in your very own utopia! Embark on a fantasy card-battling adventure with unique, mysterious characters...


Engage in a unique Japanese adventure and travel across the map in search of Shikihime characters. Create a garden that you can be proud of and watch your characters thrive in this hybrid MMORPG, which has elements of both card battling and role-playing gameplay. A number of features in this free-to-play title are reflective of Japanese culture, with anime characters and colorful cartoon graphics that make for a truly unique gaming experience. Not to mention the oriental scenery, reminiscent of a Japanese rock garden.

Firstly, you must establish your deck by collecting a few cards. Each card in this browser-based MMORPG represents a character in the game that can be summoned upon when in battle. If you are familiar with games like Hearthstone and Pokémon, then you will know that the cards in a deck represent a minion, weapon or spell that you can fight with. Each card has specialized abilities that can be used to take down different types of enemies. Gain new weapons and skills by engaging in PvP combat against other players online, earning you rewards if your are victorious. There are also support cards that you can use, should you need them, such as health potions and healing powers.

Once you have finished battling, why not sit back and relax in your very own Japanese style garden? Build unique oriental ornaments and interesting features to turn your plot of land into a sanctuary for you and your characters. Engage in Shikihime Garden activities to win rewards and see your cards come to life as they explore your land.

Build shops and food stalls, like a rice ball stand, to make sure that you have enough food for your hungry warriors. Or build a stage and play music to watch them dance. If they are wounded from battle then you must nurse them back to health in Shikihime Garden, making sure they are fighting fit before heading off on another action-packed adventure!

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