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Shards of War
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Shards of War Description

Head into battle with your soldiers and show your tactical prowess. Only with a superior strategy will you be able to win against your opponents in the futuristic battles.


Shards of War is a free-to-play MOBA-style tactical shooter in which you take part in a team of elite soldiers. Wimps having nothing to do here, as only the most brave and strong mercenaries have a place here. However, before you jump right into the battles, you will have to choose what kind of soldier you want to be.

In Shards of War, there are five different and unique classes. The Juggernaut class is a heavily armored soldier that lets you charge headlong into enemy forces without fear. The assault class is the one featuring the most firepower with all sorts of ways to destroy your opponents. Soldiers in the Recon class utilize camouflage and the element of surprise to defeat their enemies. The heavy gunner is loaded up with some of the most massive weapons, allowing you to devastate your enemies. You can even choose to be the Tactician class – you don’t have weapons but you coordinate your units to retaliate with precise and deadly strikes.

However, the most important element of this MOBA title is tactics. Only if you carefully plan every step before you make it, will you be able to eliminate your opponents. The fight for the remaining resources on earth is a bitter one, so be ready to fight battle after battle. In the futuristic shooter previously known as Merc Elite, you will constantly be fighting for survival. That is only possible by working together with your team and mastering the futuristic weapons.

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