Shards of the Dreams
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Shards of the Dreams
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Shards of the Dreams Description

After the great cataclysm destroyed the world, all that was left were the Shards. Fight for the glory of your faction and claim the remnants as your own...


A foreboding world awaits you in Shards of the Dreams. A place filled with magical disturbances and horrible creatures, you must battle your way to unite the lands under your factions rule. Go head to head with other players in combat or perhaps join a clan to face the challenges of the world as part of a team.

Choose which faction you wish to fight for and claim glory for either The Empire or Wastelands. Become the master of your skills in one of four classes available to play. Be a master Warrior who has no fear of anything in close combat or subjugate your enemies with powerful magic as a Sorcerer. As you adventure through Shards of the Dreams, you will encounter many strange things and dark places.

Kill beasts and monsters to find loot and treasures that you can either sell or equip. Change your appearance with new gear and items as you create them or receive them as rewards for quests that you complete. Many quests will take you all over the different Shards of the world which are connected by magical portals. Only the brave will be able to survive such ventures in Shards of the Dreams.

Challenge other players in frenzied PvP combat. Prove to others that you have the best skills and have mastered your character in Shards of the Dreams by defeating them on the battlefield. Simply use the combat interface to get dropped into the action.

In the grim world of Shards of the Dreams only the players with the best tactics and skills will survive. Prove you are the master of your class and fight for fame and glory in the name of your faction. Fell monsters that challenge your mastery and explore the detailed environment full of magic and wonder.

by Kyle Hayth

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