Shakes and Fidget: Adventurous guild dungeon patch for browser game just released!

10/15/2010 08:53 am in News

Playa Games, German publisher of the browser game Shakes and Fidget have introduced a brand new patch to the fantasy-themed game. The patch includes not only thrilling new guild dungeons to explore, but also guild advancement options, changes to Shop Inventory items, as well as many bug fixes.
Shakes and Fidget

Shakes and Fidget

The newest update to the browser-based online game Shakes and Fidget, Version 1.6, went online across the globe this week. With it comes numerous exciting new features, upgrades and bug fixes. The primary new feature is the introduction of the guild dungeons. There are 50 new guild dungeons containing over 50 terrifying new monsters, as well as 20 new boss monsters - including the aggressive Bitch King, the slimy Toiletman, and the evil Rubber Duck of Terror. Guilds that overthrow these boss monsters, will be rewarded with a free level for each attribute.

The Shop Inventory in Shakes and Fidget will remain consistently full in this new version, and a new whisper feature has been introduced in the chat room, allowing for more personal conversations with your friends. An in-game anti-spam system has been introduced, allowing only characters who have reached level 10 or more to send private messages. These additional features, along with several bug fixes, and of course the mysterious and dangerous guild dungeons, ensure that players of Shakes and Fidget will have plenty of new realms to explore.

Shakes and Fidget is a browser-based fantasy game based on the popular comic series. Choose from one of eight races and create your own cartoon-like character. Roam the mystical fantasy world, take on your enemies and rise to the top. Satisfy your thirst for adventure with endless quests in this colourful and quirky browser game.

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