Shakes and Fidget
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Shakes and Fidget
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Shakes and Fidget Description

You create your own character! You can choose from eight different races- and face exciting quests in Shakes and Fidget.


This browser-based online game awaits you with many exciting quests and impresses with a lovely design. At the beginning of the game, you choose a character and determine age, appearance, gender, and race. In addition, you decide on a class for your character and, last but not least, you give it a name.

The first thing to do in Shakes and Fidget is go to the tavern. There, you solve quests and earn – depending on the nature of the task - rewards, experience, and sometimes even useful items. Provided, of course, you have completed the quest successfully.

You do not spend your whole time completing quests in this role playing game. It very much depends on your current thirst for adventure. Always at midnight, you get 100 minutes of "Thirst for Adventure" and that is exactly how long you may work on quests. Once your "thirst" is satisfied for the current day, there are no more new missions. A special extra in Shakes and Fidget is the thimblerigger - find out what he has in store for you.

In the arena of the browser and mobile game, things get really exciting. Here it’s "tit for tat" - forgiveness is not to be expected; after all, the winner earns honor and gold. Depending on the outcome of the battle, you either win or lose both. However, your aggressiveness is damped a little bit because only every ten minutes a battle can be started. If your desire to battle gets too strong, you have the option to use a "mushroom". Mushrooms can be bought for real money. Sometimes you also find them in the game but that’s quite rare.

Do you need more gold or new quests? No problem. In Shakes and Fidget, there are always new challenges waiting. As honorary member you have the opportunity to go on the (virtual) road at night and keep watch there. Depending on the level of your character, you earn different amounts of money there. The best part: You determine the working time.

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