Shaiya: Trinity Artifact Expansion Announced

09/26/2012 05:00 am by Jonathan Smith in NewsDownload GamesMMORPG



TrinityArtifact, also known as Episode Six, will take players to the islands of Mystra, where the Alliance of Light and Union of Fury are continuing their search for the Trinity Artifacts. Neither faction was expecting to find the islands’ natives, the Threemas, involved in a civil war with the Risen. In order to guarantee safe passage among the islands and enlist the Threemas in your search for the Trinity Artifiacts, you and your faction will need to gain their trustby helping them with their own troubles.
In order to contend with the fierce new enemies that await on the islands of Mystra, you will need to make use of the increased level cap (now level 80) and the power that comes with it. In addition to the new monsters, zones and quests, there will also be new skills and gear that will become available as you get closer to the level cap and work your way across the two massive islands of Mystra and its dungeons.

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