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Shaiya Description

Dive into the mythology of the fantastic world Teos. Take part in the seemingly never-ending epic battle between the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury…


Teos is a world unto itself. A great goddess named Etain used to reign, and she created three powerful races. After one of the races killed Etain, the world was at the brink of collapse. A condition in which, it appears, the world remains even thousands of years later. The different races split into warring factions. Meanwhile, two alliances have emerged, constantly waging war for control of Teos: The Alliance of Light and Union of Fury. This is the story of the online game, Shaiya, into which you now enter. At the very beginning, you will face an important decision: Will you choose to join the side of light and good, or will you put your energy in the service of the dark forces? In order to be able to play Shaiya, it is necessary to download a game client. This is free, just like the game.

You roam through the world of Teos with the character you created at the beginning. It’s your task to develop your character’s skills throughout the game. With your individual avatar you gain victories, suffer setbacks, collect magic items and solve quests. Your abilities increase according to your level of experience.

A special feature of Shaiya is the epic battles. Everything in this game is based on military operations. Any time during game play, you have the opportunity to compete against other players in arenas to gain experience. You can play with your character in alliances with up to 1,500 players, or only compete against enemies in small guilds. The default setting is a one-on-one battle. In Shaiya it is also possible to challenge members of your own alliance. Overall, Shaiya is a graphically complex battle epic. It's an RPG that retains the classic pattern, but it has various features that make it something unique.

by Kyle Hayth

Shaiya Screenshots

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