Shadowrun Chronicles: Name Change and Launch Date Announced

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Shadowrun Chronicles

Good news for all Shadowrun fans! Two new announcements have been made by Cliffhanger Productions regarding the upcoming free-to-play game that previously went by the name of Shadowrun Online. Yes, previously! The game has now been re-named to Shadowrun Chronicles, partly because it just sounds cooler, partly because the new name conveys the actual gameplay more adequately.

We think the new title does away with a couple of associations people had with 'Online' that didn't apply to our game and which led to some disappointed buyers and backers. 'Chronicles' expresses our goal to continue to tell stories and release new content evolving from the collective actions of our players over time.

What’s the second announcement, you ask? Oh, just the release date that everyone’s been waiting for. According to the newest trailer and an official post made by the developers, Shadowrun Chronicles will launch on April 28th. The first episode will be called Boston Lockdown and is set in the year 2075.

Curious to see more gameplay footage? Then check out the new trailer below:

The turn-based strategy game will be available for free on April 28th.

Source: Official game homepage

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