Shadowrun Online: Stepping Into the Light

01/20/2014 07:10 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsBrowser GamesMMORPG

It’s been quite a while since we here at last heard something new about the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Shadowrun Online. The last time we reported on the online game, we explained its designated payment model, which will feature slight differences between players who enjoy the title completely for free and those who regularly invest some money. The creative team behind Shadowrun Online justified their longer leave of absence from the public eye by explaining the difficulty in developing a free-to-play MMO title without the (financial) support of a publisher.

As indie developers, the folks over at Cliffhanger Productions had to come up with other means of financing their game, such as starting a Kickstarter campaign back in August 2012. Now that Shadowrun Online has successfully been financed, the studio can’t wait to finally show some actual in-game footage and launch their first playable version of the roleplaying game towards the end of March.

This is a new screenshot from Shadowrun Online.

The guys and girls over at Cliffhanger Productions had to come up with and agree on several very basic gameplay elements in the game, such as the skill system (which will include stats), status effects (such as bleed, stun, etc.), and the actual size of levels in proportion to objects and characters. It was also important to answer basic design and visual questions to make sure that Shadowrun Online will not only look good on all of the devices that it will be released on, but also feature clean yet contrastive graphics that will make clear where players can hide for cover and where not.

The community can expect much more new information in the upcoming weeks leading to the release of the first playable version.

Source: Official game homepage
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