Shadowrun Chronicles
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Shadowrun Chronicles
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Shadowrun Chronicles Description

The world-renowned role-playing game has now made its way to the digital world as a browser game. Though little information has been released, you can find everything we know so far here...


Shadowrun Chronicles is based on a popular series of science-fiction novels. In the online world, you will find yourself in the 2070’s in a dystopia from which there is no escape. There is an evil corporation that has turned everything good to evil and corruption. In turn, long-dead races such as elves, trolls, dwarves, orcs and even dragons have once again returned.

What's there for you to do? Oh, tutorial quests, for starters. These will introduce you to the game's main mechanics just in case you've never played any of the previous Shadowrun games and are new to the fantasy-meets-scifi universe. Different classes mean different abilities: Use companions, crowd control and devastating attacks to your advantage and know the ins and outs of every potential firearm or melee weapon to succesfully get through every challenge enemies might throw at you in this free-to-play client game.

Even humans have changed in the world of Shadowrun Chronicles. Technological advances have made them stronger, faster and smarter. Improved organs and bodies can be bought in dark side alleys from scrupulous men and for those who wish to completely meld with technology, you can have your consciousness put into a databank where you will live forever. Clearly, it is not a world where everything is right and just – this is where the Shadowrunner comes in. The Shadowrunner gets the job done, no matter what it is, as long as the price is right.

As a player in Shadowrun Chronicles, formerly known as Shadowrun Online, you are one of these Shadowrunners and you can change the fate of the entire world. Take part in this game as being a part of the shadows, completing dangerous missions for dubious clients. There is so much for you to do that you must be ready to accept any task and master it, such as hacking into the system or sneaking into a lab and taking something of the upmost value. The most important part is knowing when and where to strike, however, and how to utilize the strengths your team members bring to the battlefield. Put together a group of professional hitmen and hitwomen in this free game and prove to other players that you have the best strategy when it comes to turn-based combat!

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