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Shadowbound Description

The time has come for you to pick up a weapon, rise to power and slay any evil monster that comes your way in this fantasy browser game. The light has been stolen by the lords of darkness - will you return the crystals and illuminate the world?


Shadowbound is a classic browser-based roleplaying game. Set up an account and start playing within seconds after firing up your internet connection! Picking a class might seem like an irreversible decision at first, but remember that your starting hero is not the only warrior you get to control while playing the free-to-play title. The more missions you complete, the more characters you get to unlock and lead into battle. Soon enough, your team will consist of different classes that - albeit having unique skills - all follow a common goal: To kill whoever has stolen the light crystals and to restore peace and faith in the good people of the Shadowbound universe.

For every mission you complete or every elite dungeon you play through, glorious rewards await you in Shadowbound. What’s there to loot? Everything from legendary weapons that will increase your overall damage output to sturdy armor that will keep you and your friends from taking lethal damage. Each dungeon stage has different monsters and bosses for you to defeat. The better you fare, the higher your rating at the end of the adventure. If you want to go toe-to-toe with other players and fight for the ultimate bragging rights, reaching new highscores should be on the top of your priority list. Keep in mind that each character available to you has its own strengths and weaknesses. Where you position your heroes is important, especially in complicated raid encounters.

The browser game has something for every type of gamer, whether you enjoy exploring new fantasy realms, mastering tricky challenges or going up against other players in intense arena battles. That’s right, not only the dark lords have it out for you in this free-to-play title, but also other champions that are trying to climb the official Shadowbound ranking. Being part of an alliance comes in handy when trying to make a name for yourself within this online universe.

Shadowbound Screenshots

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