Shadow Realms: BioWare Shuts Down Development

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Shadow Realms

Shadow Realms

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Electronic Arts, seeing as how Dawngate was shut down for good and layoffs in the Montreal office were announced. Now, another piece of bad news has hit the popular game studio: Shadow Realms, one of the team’s newer projects, has officially been scrapped. In collaboration with BioWare, Electronic Arts has decided to once and for all cease the development behind the roleplaying game to focus on other, newer and better games. This includes more content for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and another Mass Effect installment.

We've made the decision to not move forward with development of Shadow Realms. [...] While the team did amazing work on the game concept and we got lots of great feedback from our fans at events and through other game testing, right now there are other projects for the team to work on within the BioWare studios for the coming year and beyond.

Jeff Hickman, General Manager (BioWare)

For some dedicated gamers, this comes as no surprise. Shadow Realms was officially put on hold and delayed back in October. Then, rumors spread that the game had been canceled altogether or would - if anything - see a reboot in 2017. Turns out neither was true and that the adventure game will never see the light of day after all. Jeff Hickman thanks the community for chiming in when they had the chance to and giving alpha feedback when Shadow Realms was still in its baby shoes.

Source: Official game homepage
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