Shadow Realms: BioWare's New Game Faces Delays and Possible Reboot

01/07/2015 04:00 am by Anna Radak in NewsDownload GamesStrategy

Something must be going on behind the scenes of Shadow Realms, BioWare’s newest project that was revealed at gamescom 2014, looking at how quiet all social media channels surrounding the game have gotten ever since its alpha was postponed indefinitely back in October. Could this awkward silence possibly point to a cancellation of the game? We doubt it, but Kotaku has now reported on the iffy state of the roleplaying title by taking different inside sources into consideration.
While some sources claim that Shadow Realms is indeed done for, one says that the game is currently undergoing a reboot and will see a 2017 release on both consoles and computers. Remember to take this information with a grain of salt however, as the rumor could end up being complete bogus. We'll know more once the developers decide to officially weigh in!
Shadow Realms was first announced in August by Electronic Arts and BioWare. While no details were made public about the game’s business model, a lot of industry experts (including us, obviously) deemed the action RPG as a potential free-to-play candidate.

In its current state, Shadow Realms offers 4-versus-1 gameplay that allows players to team up and throw together their own adventure group of unique classes, complete with a dungeon master. Will the overall concept stay the same when the game eventually returns? You’ll know when we know!

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