Shadow Realms: BioWare and Electronic Arts Present New Roleplaying Game

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Shadow Realms

Gamescom 2014 is now in full swing and both studios and publishers are eager to make big announcements. The first bit of news for today comes from Electronic Arts and Bioware, presenting a roleplaying game that will give classic pen-and-paper fans a new world to dive into. In Shadow Realms, you get to group up with up to four friends. Three will join you as loyal companions on a journey through fantasy worlds, one will act as the dungeon master. Just like in any typical round of Dungeons and Dragons!

Six unique classes plus the (invisible) Shadowlord.

This means that any little detail that makes the story behind Shadow Realms so vivid and immersive is controlled by the player, not randomly generated or driven by artificial intelligence. Here’s a preview of the seven different classes available in the upcoming roleplaying game:
  • Warrior: Tough and sturdy, this melee class can absorb damage like no other.
  • Assassin: Stealthy and quick, this melee class is a whirlwind of death and destruction.
  • Wizard: In touch with the elements, this spell-slinging class has mastered the arcane arts.
  • Cleric: Ready to heal allies and smite the undead, this class can quickly adapt to new situations.
  • Ranger: With animal companions at his or her side, this class is ready to take on any threat.
  • Warlock: Eager to unleash demonic curses, this magical class wields dark powers.
  • Shadowlord: This class is the dungeon master of Shadow Realms, ready to challenge other players.
While each and every character can level up to learn new skills and abilities based on its class, the Shadowlords stray from the pack. They are in charge of what happens in the world of Shadow Realms and decide which monsters, traps and dangers lurk in the shadows. If you take on the role of a Shadowlord, you want the other four players to suffer. Badly.

It’s still unclear which business model Shadow Realms will follow, so there’s a chance that the upcoming tabletop-RPG-goes-digital could be free-to-play. We will keep you updated!

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