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Shadow Realms
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Shadow Realms Description

Group up with friends in a fantasy adventure game that allows you to take on the role of a dungeon master. Every new challenge is unique, created by your group of heroes. This is the classic world of pen-and-paper roleplay, only in the digital world...


Many game developers have tried to emulate the magic of classic pen-and-paper roleplaying games in the style of Dungeons and Dragons. So far, only a few have succeeded in giving fans what they want, but BioWare and Electronic Arts have now taken it upon themselves to make sure that in Shadow Realms, every little detail can be controlled by the players themselves. Usually, enemies are driven by artificial intelligence and very easy to predict. This is what makes Shadow Realms unique. Here, one player decides how the story unfolds and gets to decide every little detail of the fantasy world that you are currently engrossed in, including where traps are set and which monsters roam the battlefield.

Shadow Realms is based on different episodes that tell your story. Well, the story of the characters that you and your friends have come up with. Create new heroes, play through different missions, and speculate on what could happen next! Cliff-hangers will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly hoping for new details to emerge. Every choice you make in this roleplaying game has its consequences. Would you rather kill off a character that has betrayed your group or give them another chance? This decision is entirely up to you. Just keep in mind that whatever you and your loyal companions decide on could come back to haunt you. Everything is possible in this RPG!

Different classes, different specializations: Expect to see the usual roleplaying suspects when entering the character creation and trying to decide on a class. While the Assassin is a melee rogue that has perfected the art of stealth combat, the Ranger calls upon the help of animal companions to strike down enemies. Wizards and Warlocks wield elemental powers that can be used to buff up allies or wreak total havoc. Then there’s the Cleric, a gifted healer that offers restorative magic to friends. The Shadowlord is not a real class in the typical sense, but rather like a dungeon master who is in full control of what’s going on in the Shadow Realms adventure.

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