Shadow Kings: New Features and a Fire-Breathing New Event

11/14/2014 04:27 am by William Hankin in NewsStrategyFantasy

Goodgame Studios, the brains behind Goodgame Empire and Empire: Four Kingdoms, have been launching new features and tweaking Shadow Kings successively each month since its official release back in August. This month, we can expect new features for the alliances, a new honor ranking system, and a neat event that will let dedicated players gain some very valuable troops.
Shadow Kings

Shadow Kings

Firstly, the option of alliance funds is being added to the guild menu. This means that players can donate some resources, like gold and diamonds, to their alliance and receive bonuses and alliance rewards in return. Also, players can have a solo honor ranking, which allows them to see how well they are doing compared to other players. The top three highest ranked players will be highlighted in the leaderboard for their achievements. This is, of course, divided into level brackets so that everyone gets a chance and isn’t too disheartened by being at the bottom of the list. Well, hopefully not quite at the bottom.
Finally, what we have all been waiting for: the event. Fight Shadow Camps for the chance to obtain 1 of 11 pieces of the Dragonheart crystal, a sacred stone that belongs to Draco the Conjurer. Complete the crystal and Draco will show his gratitude by rewarding you with tools, weapons, and some very special troops: titans and dragons! 

Stay tuned for more Shadow Kings news.

Source: Official game homepage.
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