Shadow Kings: Update Tweaks Features for Alliance Diplomacy

10/28/2014 09:46 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsStrategyFantasy

Shadow Kings

Shadow Kings

Pretty much exactly one month ago, Goodgame Studios added an update to Shadow Kings that tweaked some in-game features, allowing for smoother gameplay. Now, some of those features are getting even further revisions and additions. The studio behind the RTS promises that this update will make the gameplay in the mobile game more diplomatic than ever. It is not called the Alliance update for nothing! One button at the bottom of each report is all it takes now to keep your alliance informed about your scouting results. Share your reports of espionage to make sure that all players in your alliance are on the same page.
Being diplomatic in Shadow Kings has never been as easy as it will be now that the new patch is released. Players can let their allies as well as their enemies know about their allegiances. This will allow them to immediately realize whether other alliances are in a state of war with their own, or whether there is a non-aggression agreement, or a pact of some kind. Each alliance can have no more than five non-aggression agreements and pacts, but unlimited declarations of war. Phew, what a tumultuous world! Ending a war requires both alliances to agree to peace. 

Other new features include a more detailed movement information, rewards when citizens throw a festival, and user interface tweaks. 

Source: Official game homepage
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