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Shadow Kings
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Shadow Kings Description

Welcome to a fantastical world of magic, dark powers, and massive battles. Encounter elves and dwarves and fight the evil forces of orcs, goblins and trolls. This mobile game puts a real time strategy game into a fantasy setting…


With Goodgame Empire and Goodgame Big Farm, Goodgame Studios has already proven that they can successfully launch free-to-play browser games. The publisher's strategy games have touched upon various topics and settings. With Shadow Kings, the studio will not only further tap into the mobile game industry, but also delve into a fantasy world full of magic, fantastical creatures and brand new challenges.

Explore a world that is filled with your most beloved creatures from popular fantasy settings. You will encounter fierce dwarves and elegant elves. Make sure to treat both of these proud kingdoms in a fair way as you might rely on their strength at a later point in time. As in any good fantasy world, there are dark forces that need to be kept in check. Battling it out against grim enemies, such as orcs, goblins and trolls is not always an easy feat. Teaming up with your allies will make any battle more feasible.

Speaking of which, Shadow Kings is not only about fighting and defending. As a true real time strategy game, things start out on a much smaller scale before the epic fighting against the source of evil actually begins. Before you can build a successful army, you need a flourishing kingdom. You start with a small city that will evolve into an incredible metropolis if you strategize smartly. Strengthen your settlement’s defenses, protect your population, and collect taxes from them in return. The happier your people are, the more your city flourishes and grows. Focus on trade with other kingdoms to collect resources that you might lack. Only then will your economy truly grow.

In the mobile game, you can either fend for yourself or form alliances with other players to crush any inimical force. Keep in mind that having friends makes a lot of things easier in this fantastical universe. Shadow Kings is available in the app store of your choice - entirely for free. Take this game with you wherever you go. You shall never be bored again.

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