Seven Souls Online
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Seven Souls Online
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Seven Souls Online Description

The Seven Souls are the most fundamental powers of humankind and you answer the call for heroes to once again reseal the seven souls and protect the land.


Seven Souls Online is a free-to-play MMORPG that will challenge you to become a hero in the ancient world and save humanity from complete and utter destruction. The only way to control the destructive power of the seven souls is to seal them away, it is now your job to do just that. You will have to master the skills and abilities of your character as you journey across the lands, attempting to seal away the seven souls.

In Seven Souls Online, you have the chance to completely customize and create your own hero. There are numerous ways which you can customize your character how you see fit, including hair, body type and more. You will also have to select your various skill sets which you will need to master, including Broad Sword, Broad Axe and Spear.

As you go about your adventures in Seven Souls Online, you will encounter various characters who will offer you jobs to complete. These quests will give you a way to go stronger and will send you far and wide as you attempt to complete the task at hand. Some of these quests are quite difficult and can only be completed with the help of other Guardians in the world around you.

There is also a special mode which you can utilize to your advantage in Seven Souls Online. As you defeat your opponents or destroy monsters on the field of battle, you can transform into a powerful creature. This is known as Rage Mode and you can keep track of it with the Rage Gauge. Once you have accumulated enough rage, you can transform into a powerful monster and unleash even more devastation on your enemies.

The world is in danger and only you, along with other Guardians, can seal the seven souls away once again. Becoming a hero in Seven Souls Online is no easy task, but if you master your skills and rage, you can be the hero that everyone is looking for.

by Kyle Hayth

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