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Second Life
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Jump into Second Life and Play Completely for Free

Explore one of the largest online virtual worlds where you connect with millions of other players. Go shopping, build up your own home and earn money.


Second Life is a 3D online world created by users for users. The large virtual world is just like reality, only with more imagination. Engage in free 3D chat, personalize your own avatar, and explore the vast and colourful virtual reality.

You start your life at Welcome Island, where an in-depth tutorial will introduce you to all the important aspects of Second Life. Learn how to walk, sit, stand, fly and even teleport. You can travel the impressive world by flying, on foot, by car, by plane, by bus, by magic carpet or even on the back of a large dragon. There are infinite possibilities of places you can explore in Second Life, including real-life cities such as Tokyo or Dublin, or the more unique fantasy worlds. Go back in time and wander through beautiful Victorian gardens or step into the future and roam the dark allies of a cyberfunk city. The world is your oyster in this open world game.

In Second Life you can socialize and connect with millions of other users, and join them in exciting events such as lectures, concerts, readings and parties. Visit museums, art galleries and theatres and attend exciting book readings - you can even join the fun of a virtual version of the famous Burning Man festival. Plan your own events, organise conferences and join one of the user-created personal interest groups.

In Second Life there are endless opportunities for shopping. From designer shoes and clothes to vintage collector's items, luxurious yachts to large mansions. You are even able to create your own product and market it to the great Second Life community. Build up your own home, obtain a virtual job and start earning the game's currency, Linden dollars.

Second Life has virtually everything that real life has, only more. By using your imagination you can contribute to the expansion of this impressive world, whilst exploring its vast realms.

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