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Seafight Description

Conquer the seas and become a greatly feared pirate! Defend your ship against fierce pirates and creepy sea monsters. Collect as much munition as possible and become a successful pirate...


In Seafight, you dive into the pirate world and fight for control over the oceans. You play against real-life opponents. In hard battles with enemy pirates and dangerous sea monsters you show what great pirates qualities you possess.

You control your ship and attacks simultaneously in real time, and have the opportunity to observe your actions in 3D. The three-dimensional environment of Seafight automatically readjusts. The real-time implementation promises fun with both a day and night game mode.

Choose your game character at the beginning of the game. For variety, a wide range of equipment options and complex damage models is provided. Opponents in the game can take the form of many different monsters from the depths of the ocean, as well as enemy ships. Be vigilant and consider your actions carefully so that your enemies do not anticipate them.

In the shipyard you prepare your ship before you put out to sea. In the sections "Shop", "My Ship", and "Repair" you will find all the things needed to improve your ship. To avoid being completely without a chance during a fight, it is always best to have a supply of guns and bullets on board. For only with adequate weaponry will you have a chance of winning Seafight.

by Kyle Hayth

Seafight Screenshots

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