Sea Battle: Warships
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Sea Battle: Warships
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Sea Battle: Warships Description

Reign supreme in the naval battle app available for free on Android! Nothing can stop you once you unlock the newest battleship and upgrade any and all turrets that are placed on the deck. Sink other ships and rise to the top of the mobile world...


Navigating a battleship through the high seas is no easy feat, especially if you’re smack in the middle of tumultuous times. Nations are torn apart by war in this mobile app and you are in charge of leading a fleet of ships into battle and - with enough practice - achieve victory in fights of epic proportions. Sea Battle: Warships falls under the shooting game category. Expect to slip into the role of a courageous captain instead of a sociable soldier. Instead of picking up a simple firearm and pulling the trigger, you equip your vessel with cannons and turrets and stock up on explosive ammunition. Just in case you are tasked with sinking more than just one opposing battleship at a time...

As you complete missions in the free action app and win matches against other captains, you unlock in-game currency that can be used to upgrade ships, unlock new ones, or simply advance in Sea Battle: Warships. Every new scenario will put you in a difficult position and ask you to make a decision: Which role do you want to take on in team battles? Would you rather be the sturdy ship that absorbs damage and protects others or do you prefer to take control of swift little boats that excel in sneaky maneuvers and quick action battles? The choice will be yours in this boat game after you take a few seconds to download the app brought to you for free by Furun Wang.

What's essential to keep in mind while playing Sea Battle: Warships is to keep a steady aim. While missing a few shots is only natural and happens to the best of us, most bullets need to actually hit the enemy target for it to be destroyed. Make use of your mobile device’s touchscreen control to conquer the action game and eventually take home the winning prize. The app is available for free on Android tablets and smartphones. Join the fight today!

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