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SD Gundam
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SD Gundam Description

From AMX-004 to the Captain: Dozens of different Gundam await you in this browser game, willing to follow your every command and protect the world from harm. Lead your ragtag crew of battle robots to victory and make this online reality a better place!


Transformers Universe doesn’t really do it for you and the mechs of Hawken are too clunky for your taste? Then you might consider jumping into the world of SD Gundam where robots are part of your daily life and an important factor when it comes to battling evil forces. Over one hundred unique Gundam are available for you to collect in this sci-fi browser game that combines both turn-based combat and roleplaying elements. The more Gundam you manage to collect, the bigger the variety when choosing to challenge other players to a duel in player-versus-player combat. They are all split into different categories and can be upgraded in four specific attributes, namely agility, armor, energy and weapon. Make sure to have a couple of robots specialized in just one of these stats while also training jack-of-all-trades warriors that can cover all bases if needed.

The free-to-play title has an abundance of quest instances that'll put your skills to the test. Pick a formation for your team of Gundam that makes the most sense to you and proves to be efficient during battle. Speaking of battle: In SD Gundam, all fights are turn-based and automatic. If you want to interfere, you will have to make your wishes be known. You and your opponents both have the chance to unleash certain abilities on enemy units or buff up friendly mechs.

The best strategy is to have a perfect balance between offensive and defensive Gundam. For every successful battle, you will be rewarded experience and in-game currency which can be used to upgrade your battle formation and increase their chances of survival. If you are lacking a little bit of both, remember that there are daily quests in this futuristic browser game that can be repeated over and over again for maximum value. SD Gundam also invites you to join arena fights as soon as you reach the tenth level and gain honor points by defeating other players.

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