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Scrabble Description

The ultimate board game for all book worms and word-enthusiasts has hit the app stores and social networks! It has never been easier to connect with friends and test your letter skills in an online setting.


In 1938, a board game came out which catered to all those brainiacs and letter enthusiasts! If you have a walking and talking dictionary in your group of friends, you can be sure that this person truly loves Scrabble. The board game depends less on luck and more on each player’s creativity. Sure, luck still plays a minor role, but each player’s success truly depends on his or her creativity and intelligence. The popular word game has now made its way to mobile devices and Facebook thanks to publisher Electronic Arts (The Sims FreePlay, Tetris). It has never been this easy to connect with friends or random people to play a round of Scrabble. But before we point out the specific features of the app, let us give you a short overview of the rules in case you’re not quite familiar with the game concept anymore. The mobile and social game is pretty much a digitized version of the original board game.

Scrabble features a gameboard which is divided into a grid of 15x15 squares. In the very middle, a star signifies the starting point for the game. Each player has a collection of seven letters, which they pick from a little bag. After a player places some of their tiles on the gameboard, they have to pick the number of tiles they lost in order to have seven tiles again. The tiles can only form words in the fashion of crosswords - namely horizontally and vertically. They must always be connected to the already placed tiles. Each letter is worth a certain number of points. More difficult letters are worth a higher amount of points. The gameboard has several special squares which grant double or triple the amount of points for letters that are placed on them or double or triple the amount of points for the words that are placed on them.

Enough for the rules which are intuitive and quick to learn anyways. Scrabble is now available for free on Facebook and on Android and iOS devices. You can easily challenge your friends to a round whenever and wherever you feel like it. If your friends are busy, you can simply play against random players. Playing against others naturally requires you to play online.

Scrabble Screenshots

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