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Scrabble Pics
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Scrabble Pics Description

Experience this innovative take of the classic board game on your iPhone or iPad! You thought the original game was tough to beat? Wait till you play this one and face other players online...


In the last few years, board games have migrated into the digital world of gaming thanks to modern technology. Games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, and Mahjong are now available on Facebook, the browser of your choice, and even your mobile device! The most positive aspect of the wide variety of classic board games in the world of video games is that studios constantly come up with new twists to the original gameplay. This is where Scrabble Pics comes in! The free-to-play app allows you to experience an innovative take on the original board game. Instead of creating random words by aligning the letters at hand, you will have to solve picture riddles.

The Scrabble Pics gameboard is easily explained: It features a grid of squares, the size of which can vary. The grid can be as small as 4x4 squares and go up to 6x6. The very left column and the very top row feature various small pictures - one for each square. In a crossword-type style, you will have to spell out what each picture depicts. The amount of squares tells you the number of letters for the word. But that is not all! You will have a default set of letters that you have to organize in the right order to make sense of all the pictures. For this purpose, you will use the swipe option of your touchscreen to arrange all the letters in the correct way. A four-letter word for a picturesque landscape? Are they looking for “tree”, “leaf”, or “lake”? It really depends on what kind of letters you can choose! While there might be several possibilities for one specific picture, in the end, only one version will make sense for the entire crossword!

If you actually can’t find the solution for one of the crosswords, don’t worry. Luckily, Scrabble Pics is easily connected to your social media account. Simply ask your friends on Facebook whether they can help you with a particular puzzle. More than 125 crosswords are just waiting to be solved!

Scrabble Pics Screenshots

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