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SchoolWars Description

The school bell rings, you gather with your classmates, and get ready to go to school to take on the classroom and the playground, either as a jock or a nerd...


Step into the cool virtual playground of SchoolWars, and claim your territory. Will you be a geeky student and teacher's pet, or will you be a bully, harassing your classmates? You decide what needs to happen to rise the social ranks. SchoolWars is a high school themed strategy MMORPG in which your aim is to rule the school either as an athletic sportsman or a geeky nerd.

At SchoolWars, make friends and create a clique to improve your reputation and increase your prowess. The more friends you have, the more pocket money you will receive from them during the lunch break! Start your very own school gang or join an existing one and partake in exciting frequently held competitions in the school yard against other classmates. Hop on the bus and travel to other towns with friends or on your own. Get an after-school job to earn some extra money to buy cool items and clothing. Buy cute pets, train them, and show them off to your friends.

It is important to improve your skills and continue to learn at school, both in the classroom and on the sports field so you get more influence and improve your status. Once you've learnt enough, you will advance to the next class, giving you increased opportunities for power and prestige. An important aspect of SchoolWars is food – ensure you eat the right food to maintain your energy and well-being. Another feature of SchoolWars is the statistics page where you can compare yourself with other players.

So join the quest at SchoolWars to rule the school by making friends, joining a gang, taking part in sport and competitions and increasing your strength and knowledge. There can only be one true boss of the school!

by Kyle Hayth

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