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Scarlet Legacy
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Scarlet Legacy Description

You saw the world change before your eyes into something evil. Can you fight the evil that has spread across the land and return to the life you once knew...?


Scarlet Legacy is a free-to-play MMORPG full of fantasy and challenges. You must create a character and fight to rescue the Princess Scarlet from the growing evil that threatens the land. You will have to master the skills of your class in order to reach the top and free the captured princess.

In Scarlet Legacy, you have four different classes to choose from: the mighty Warrior, the swift Assassin, the ever-calm Monk and the powerful Mystic. Each class features their own unique skills that allow you to take down the nearly numberless enemies that stand before you. As you defeat more and more enemies, you will gain experience and progress as a combatant. This will unlock new skills on your skill tree which can take the form of Normal, Heart or Master Skill to create a powerful combination.

As your journey through the expansive world in Scarlet Legacy, you will encounter many different zones, each with a unique environment. In some of these areas are incredibly dangerous instances. The rewards are worth the risk you take, but you will not be able to journey alone. This is where the group element comes in and allows you to create a party of powerful warriors to take on the most difficult tasks.

Scarlet Legacy also features PvP Death Matches. Settle an old grudge with a long-time enemy or just test the skills of your friends in one-on-one combat. By defeating other players, you can rise through the ranks of the PvP arena and earn some seriously powerful equipment.

If you are looking for other challenges in Scarlet Legacy, you can try your hand at one of the many minigames. These games will test your endurance as a hero and by playing these games you can earn some special rewards as well!

by Kyle Hayth

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