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Scarlet Blade
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Scarlet Blade Description

Aeria Games is behind another action packed MMORPG, Scarlet Blade, where it will be up to you to save humanity from extinction as one of the few specially engineered warriors fighting for all of mankind.


As your most trusted companion and deadliest asset, your blade will get you through the most difficult challenges and help you defeat the most intimidating enemies. You must wield your blade with extreme swiftness and precision to get out of dire situations alive, but you will find plenty of rewards should you succeed and keep your life.

Scarlet Blade has a heavy PvP component, which will pit you against your enemies in battlegrounds that range from small scale combat to immense open world battles. You can enter into the extremely competitive arenas to earn your glory, or take part in massive 50v50 and 80v80 battles, or even enter into a zone that is constantly being contested in a non-stop open world PvP event.

Should your extreme dexterity with a blade prove to little a force to be reckoned with, you can also pilot a massive mech to clear larger masses of foes and further your cause. Nothing compares to the destructive power of the massive mechanical marvels, so you will be in good shape if you manage to set one of these weapons loose on the field of battle.

Scarlet Blade also boasts a massively expansive and detailed open world environment for you to explore. Hidden behind the smoke and destruction of the ongoing wars, the world you live in is a beautiful place with every type of landscape you can imagine. There are vibrant forests, magnificent mountain ranges, tremendous cave systems and snow covered tundras to admire as you make your way across the world.

Grab your blade and set your sights on the glory and salvation of mankind, because it is up to you to save yourself, your world and everything you know and love in Aeria Games’ Action MMORPG adventure Scarlet Blade.

by Jonathan Smith

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