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Salem Description

You have left the Old World and you know not what awaits you on the far shores. Explore New England in the time of witch trials and discovery in this free-to-play MMORPG...


In Salem, you create a character and play the role of colonists travelling to the New World. Leaving the Old World behind you in hopes of making a better life, you are unsure of what lies on the shores of New England.

There is a special crafting system featured in Salem. You will be able to craft any number of items and is inspired by 17th century alchemy.

Salem also features various farming and building options for you to experience. Have your own farm and collect items that could prove useful in other professions.

Player versus player combat is a certainty in the world of Salem. Take on hundreds of other players in combat and prove that you have the best abilities and combat tactics. Improve your weapons and armor to better your chances, because if you die in Salem, it will last forever.

Permadeath is a special system featured in Salem. Few games have employed this game mechanic as it means the permanent death of your character. For example, if you participate in the dangerous world of player versus player combat and die, your character will remain forever dead.

There are also dangerous animals that lurk in the shadows of the forest in Salem. Perhaps you will cross paths with a crying squonk. There is also a chance that you could be attacked by the mysterious Hidebehind as it stalks you through the forest.

Enter the mysterious world of Salem and experience a unique MMORPG that allows you to craft, farm and build. Explore the New World as you wander around the New England coast in search of adventure and intrigue. Player versus Player combat is featured in this free-to-play game but be wary, for once you die, you will never be able to come back.

by Kyle Hayth

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