Sacred Seasons 2
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Sacred Seasons 2
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Sacred Seasons 2 Description

Be carried away to the action, magic and excitement of the Heartlands, where you band together with your friends to bring down the evil threatening this beautiful land...


Sacred Seasons 2 is a flash-based free to play browser game that takes you on an adventure into a mystical fantasy world. Roam the land; participate in immense battles against fierce enemy monsters, alone or as part of a guild.

In Sacred Seasons 2 you can choose from over 23 quirky cartoon-like character classes. Each in-game season contains its own unique character with varying attributes. These unique characters also have their own special equipment and weaponry.

Summer heroes are brave, individualistic and powerful. Spring heroes are vibrant, passionate and use the power of nature in combat. Fall heroes are tenacious, aggressive and have a lot of stamina. Winter heroes are fierce, forthright and highly skilled.

The varying heroes, job classes and seasons in Sacred Seasons 2 allow for a lot of variety in game play. Learn exciting new skills with which to take on your opponents with as you progress throughout the game. With each new combative experience come new skills. Connect and network with other players using the exclusive chat system and discover new friends who will help you in the intense enemy battles.

Earn silver as you embark on adventurous quests and discover the vast Heartlands in Sacred Seasons 2. Take on hordes of monsters in turn-based combats and fight to take back this magical land. Battles are intense, and can be experienced alone or with the dynamics of a guild. Test your strategic and tactical skills as you take on your enemies in the fast-paced dungeon battles. Each time you defeat your opponents in Sacred Seasons 2, you have the opportunity to gain rewards, items and additional weaponry.

Take back the magical Heartlands from the grips of evil as you bravely take on the enemies lurking in the dungeons and beyond.

by Kyle Hayth

Sacred Seasons 2 Screenshots

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