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S4 League
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S4 League Description

Join a mighty team or fight alone as you battle it out against other players in action-packed tournaments in this stylish online game, using slick weaponry and skill. ..


S4 League is a futuristic action-shooter that takes you on a journey into a fantasy anime-style 3D world. Aspire to rein victory over your enemies using your unique skills and numerous sly weapons. S4 League invites you to partake in exciting and often dangerous ball matches against other players and teams.

Design the exact look of your character, from hair colour and facial features to the finer details of their outfit – clothing is paramount to the status and image of your player. Choose from a huge selection of fierce weapons including the terrifying heavy machine gun, cannonade, counter sword and stormbat. Add to that any number of skills to use including 'invisible, 'anchoring' and 'flying' with which to bring down your opponents with. Rise through the ranks from 'Rookie' to the ultimate 'S4' level. Once you are at level 13, you can use your experience to teach the new rookie users, which will help you on your way to becoming a Grandmaster.

S4 League tournaments are comprised of two match types – Team Deathmatch and Touchdown. Team Deathmatch is a fierce battle in which you want to kill as many other players as possible. Touchdown represents a thrilling game similar to 'Capture the Flag' – strategically strive for the ball in your enemy's goal. There are also various point-boosting missions to hone your exclusive skills and gain the special currency unique to S4 League – PENS.

The best way to claim victory over your opponents is by forming an exemplary and highly efficient team with other players – strategically decide what skills and weapons can be used in combination to smash the enemy. Are you a team player or will you go into battle alone? Are you an offensive or a defensive player? Decide for yourself and join the fun of this action-packed third person shooter client game from Burda:ic.

S4 League Screenshots

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