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  • Dizzel: OGPlanet Shuts Down Free Action Shooter

    02/11/2015 07:41 am - Beta phases are usually a way for developers to find out what it is they need to fix and change for a wary community to turn into a bunch of happy gamers. Sometimes, though, these early testing stages turn out to be the straw that broke the...more

  • Dizzel: Hardcore Shooter Now Available in Open Closed Beta

    06/20/2014 07:53 am - Nope, that’s not a typo in our headline. According to OGPlanet, Dizzel has now entered a closed beta that's open to everyone. Technically, that’s an open beta then, no? Well, let’s settle on just beta for now. The free-to-play shooter goes into...more

  • SD Gundam Capsule Fighter: Closed Beta Test Announced

    10/27/2011 09:02 am - Publishers OGPlanet have announced the first Closed Beta test of their upcoming title, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter. The new...more

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