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  • Forge of Empires: Trade Apples for Rewards in Fall Event

    09/21/2016 06:59 am - It has not even been a month since the guys and girls over at InnoGames released the latest bigger game update for their browser game Forge of Empires. The strategy game’s community is well aware that the developers like to celebrate the various seas...more

  • Forge of Empires: Arctic Expeditions and Lots of New Quests

    08/31/2016 07:58 am - The times of adding new eras to the free-to-play strategy game Forge of Empires is over. Instead, the developers over at InnoGames announced in May that they would add new thematic areas to the browser game. In line of those plans, the studio has jus...more

  • Forge of Empires: Temple of Relics Features Lots of Rewards

    07/20/2016 07:11 am - The Guild Expeditions in Forge of Empires have not really featured many individual rewards for single players, as the guild always came first. The free-to-play strategy game’s community was not a big fan of that, which is why the developers over at I...more

  • Forge of Empires: Soccer Euro Cup Event Starting Today

    06/09/2016 06:40 am - If you’re not from Europe or a big soccer fan, you might not be aware of the hype that is currently going on in the Old World. The Euro Cup 2016 is about to start tomorrow in France. Particularly European based publishers and developers are bound to...more

  • Forge of Empires: New Era Called Arctic Future

    05/25/2016 05:37 am - Some players feared that there would be no more new content for Forge of Empires, once the real time strategy game reached modern times on their journey through history. But InnoGames proved that they had more content to add and more stories to tell,...more

  • Forge of Empires: New Details on Guild Expeditions – Now Live

    05/11/2016 08:44 am - It can get quite tiresome to conquer the world on your own. It’s definitely more fun teaming up with others. In this context, it is nice to hear that Forge of Empires players can now go on expeditions with their guild members. A new patch has added t...more

  • Forge of Empires: Yuri Gagarin Event Has Started

    04/08/2016 07:52 am - It’s time for a short history lesson here on! As you will know, we have quite a few AAA online games that have a historic focus. Especially games such as War Thunder and World of Tanks pride themselves on their historical accuracy. Wit...more

  • Forge of Empires: Valentine’s Event 2016

    02/01/2016 06:57 am - The free-to-play strategy game Forge of Empires is kicking off its Valentine’s Day event this year in style. Cleopatra makes an appearance and Caesar and Marc Antony will fight for her love in the game....more

  • Forge of Empires: Frost and Lots of Presents for X-Mas 2015

    11/24/2015 08:00 am - Frosty the Snowman, reindeer sleighs, and lots of presents: the development studio InnoGames is starting the Christmas 2015 event in Forge of Empires on Thursday. Players can expect a bunch of different quests and lots of rewards. Every day players c...more

  • Forge of Empires: The Future Is Near – New Era Coming Soon

    11/02/2015 07:12 am - While players are still able to participate in the Jack O’Lantern event in Forge of Empires until next week, the guys and girls over at InnoGames are already bringing the next big era to the strategy game. There’s no stopping for the time-hopping bro...more

  • Forge of Empires: Jack O’Lantern Event Starts Today

    10/26/2015 07:56 am - Forge of Empires never misses a chance to give its players a festive event or a themed update. This time fans of the free-to-play strategy game can get involved in a mysterious Halloween event surrounded by riddles and prizes....more

  • Forge of Empires: Now Available on Facebook

    08/17/2015 06:35 am - The popular game, Forge of Empires, has made the jump to Facebook, allowing users to play the free-to-play city-builder on pretty much every device they could possibly own, except maybe their old Nokia 3310....more

  • Forge of Empires: Celebrating Summer 2015

    06/11/2015 06:24 am - Each year when the temperatures are warmer and the sun shines longer, the folks over at InnoGames have something special in store for their Forge of Empires community. Summer is always an exciting time in the strategy game, as players get to visit th...more

  • Forge of Empires: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

    04/13/2015 05:59 am - Forge of Empires is continuing its journey through time. In 2014, the real time strategy game traveled into the Modern Era, followed by the Postmodern and the Contemporary Era. As you know, history usually ends with the day and age we live in...more

  • Forge of Empires: Launching for Android Devices

    03/26/2015 09:19 am - Android users are often somewhat neglected when it comes to the release of mobile games. Some titles are never released for Android smartphones and tablets, while others just take much longer to find their way to the Google Play store than iTunes...more

  • Forge of Empires: Easter Event 2015 Has Begun

    03/25/2015 05:48 am - It’s that time of the year again - Christmas is long over and Valentine’s Day was successfully celebrated. Now that the first flowers are in bloom and the birds are chirping happily away, it is time for the Easter bunny to make its way into each...more

  • Forge of Empires: Gearing Up for Valentine's Day Special

    02/09/2015 06:58 am - This Valentine's Day, Cupid is not only bringing his trusty bow and arrow, spreading love to the many happy couples worldwide, but he is also ensuring that the more lonesome of souls are not left bemused by their relationship woes, but rather feeling...more

  • Forge of Empires: From Stone Age to Contemporary Times

    01/19/2015 10:19 am - Players of Forge of Empires know what to expect. Are you new to the browser game, however? Then check out this nifty video to see the strategy title advance through different eras and new technologies. This, too, can be you......more

  • Forge Of Empires: The Snowman is Back for Christmas - Winter Event

    12/01/2014 05:18 am - Fans of Forge of Empires will be pleased to hear that the winter event is upon us, with lots of neat goodies to keep us occupied this Christmas. Frosty the snowman is making a return to our mobile devices, bringing lots of new missions and quests tha...more

  • Forge of Empires - The Contemporary Era : Welcome to the 80s

    10/16/2014 10:49 am - Kings and Queens unite, the new update has arrived and a new era is upon us! In a strange twist, this update has players dealing with many current contemporary issues, such as globalisation, the power of the internet, and even renewable energy and p...more

  • Forge of Empires: Participate in the FoE Soccer Cup Event

    06/11/2014 05:27 am - If you’re familiar with the free-to-play gaming industry, you might know that publishers like to take any chance they get to add a fun event to their games. Christmas calls for Santa Claus events, Easter for the Easter bunny, and Valentine’s Day for...more

  • Forge of Empires: Launching the Postmodern Era

    06/03/2014 05:37 am - The free-to-play strategy game Forge of Empires brings players on a journey through time. InnoGames’ browser game begins in the Stone Age and gradually transports players into more modern times. With the latest addition of the Postmodern Era, players...more

  • Forge of Empires: The Easter Bunny Is Coming

    04/09/2014 08:48 am - Easter is right around the corner which means that many free-to-play games will soon launch their special holiday events. If there is one genre that loves adding events like this, it’s real-time strategy titles. The folks over at InnoGames are provin...more

  • Forge of Empires: Forging an Empire Takes Time

    03/22/2014 09:00 am - The free-to-play browser game Forge of Empires has been around for a considerable amount of time. The game was released closer to...more

  • Forge of Empires: What to Do in the Beginning of the Game!

    03/11/2014 11:10 am - Starting a new strategic browser game can be somewhat confusing, even if you’re familiar with the genre. Take the free-to-play RTS...more

  • Forge of Empires: Battle It Out Against Other Players

    02/26/2014 07:04 am - The free-to-play strategy game Forge of Empires is getting a brand new feature that will add an entirely new multiplayer...more

  • Forge of Empires: Experience Multiplayer Fun in Game Update

    02/26/2014 05:29 am - The new Guild versus Guild feature will add a brand new PvP gaming experience to the real time strategy title. Check it out here...more

  • Forge of Empires: Balancing the Guild versus Guild Feature

    02/12/2014 09:53 am - The folks over at InnoGames are giving out an early warning to their Forge of Empires community. Don’t worry however, since it's...more

  • Forge of Empires: Keep the Titanic Afloat in This Year's Valentine Event

    02/10/2014 05:19 am - Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and online games everywhere are getting ready to celebrate the merry occasion by...more

  • Forge of Empires: Modern Era Dawns on Strategy Title

    01/15/2014 02:25 am - Teensie weensie bikinis, kitschy Hollywood movies and rock and roll music: That's not everything the Modern Age has to offer...more

  • Forge of Empires: Game Update Rings in the Modern Era

    01/10/2014 03:00 am - In late October, the folks over at InnoGames had many announcements to make for their free-to-play strategy game Forge of Empires...more

  • Forge of Empires: New Territory with Guild Battles

    11/14/2013 08:53 am - You feel like you have played through every quest in Forge of Empires and are looking for new ways to re-introduce your friends to...more

  • Forge of Empires: Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, and Welcome to the Modern Era

    10/31/2013 11:36 am - Have you gone shopping lately? Even before there is time to take down all the Halloween themed decoration and candy, stores are...more

  • Forge of Empires: Bonus Content for Newbie Players

    09/25/2013 07:54 am - InnoGames (The West, Grepolis) has added extra content for anyone that is currently playing through the Early Middle Ages in...more

  • Forge of Empires: Community Votes Alcatraz as New Great Building

    09/02/2013 09:39 am - What's the most famous haunted building in all of America other than the Waverly Hills sanatorium? That's right, it's the former...more

  • Forge of Empires: Celebrating a Late Summer

    08/12/2013 09:22 am - Better late than never, right? The folks at InnoGames have decided to add an exclusive summer event to their free-to-play strategy...more

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