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  • Smite: Battle of the Gods Now on Xbox One

    07/09/2015 09:21 am - The current generation of consoles has certainly brought many exciting things for free-to-play players. While free games has usually been an exclusive part of PC gaming, more and more games are now bridging the gap – Smite included. After an extensiv...more

  • World of Warships: Welcome to Open Beta

    07/02/2015 06:26 am - That was a short stress test! Only yesterday did we report that Wargaming had sent World of Warships into a big stress test to make sure that the servers could withstand the launch of open beta. Well, everything seems to have worked just fine! World...more

  • World of Warships: New Captains Needed – Join Closed Beta Now

    07/01/2015 09:05 am - World of Warships is still in its closed beta. If you are familiar with the online gaming industry, you will know that this means that only a limited number of people get to join the game and play it to their heart’s content. You need to register an...more

  • Echo of Soul: Starting Open Beta Today

    05/29/2015 09:52 am - After almost one intense closed beta month, the guys and girls over at Aeria Games have now launched Echo of Soul’s open beta. Naturally, this couldn’t quite happen without a big bang, which is why the studio not only released some interesting facts...more

  • Skyforge: Open Beta Coming this Summer

    04/07/2015 09:30 am - Are you tired of only getting to play Skyforge for a limited amount of time? You don’t have a closed beta key and are eager to join the free-to-play MMO? Worry not, fellow gamers, as (World of Speed) has now announced that open beta testing is...more

  • World of Warships: Open Beta Coming Soon

    03/30/2015 09:43 am - Wargaming likes to keep its gaming communities up to date on what is currently going on behind the scenes of their franchises. World of Warships has only been in its closed beta since March 10th, but that won't stop the publisher from already...more

  • Weekly Update: From Saving the World to Cooking a Meal

    02/28/2015 04:05 am - This weekly update definitely shows how diverse our database here at is. While this week in general was rather quiet, we did cover a wide spectrum of games and genres. Cooking games, superheroes, and racing titles, everything was...more

  • World of Speed: Closed Beta Details and More

    02/24/2015 04:18 am - SlightlyMad Studios and seem to be a little bit behind schedule when it comes to World of Speed. The free-to-play racing game was supposed to go into closed beta testing late last year. To appease the community and prepare racers for what’s to...more

  • Weekly Update: The Decline of the Rising Generals

    01/31/2015 04:50 am - This week, we here at were quite surprised by an announcement made by InnoGames concerning one of their upcoming browser games. Aside from that the week saw a relaunch and a big game update which required some downtime. Read on...more

  • Nosgoth: Official Open Beta Trailer

    01/22/2015 03:03 am - Square Enix and Psyonix invite you to join their free brawler and take on other players in fast-paced action duels. Nosgoth is now in open beta, allowing both vampires and humans to storm the battlefield and fight for the ultimate bragging rights...more

  • The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: Launching February 5th

    01/21/2015 04:51 am - It has taken over two and half years for Ubisoft (Anno Online, The Settlers Online) to get The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot to where it is today, and it seems this free-to-play action game might finally be in the last stages of its development...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Most Anticipated Games of 2015

    01/01/2015 10:00 am - When the streets are busy with last-minute shoppers and families everywhere are getting ready to battle it out at the dinner table over political events, you just know that Christmas is right around the corner. We’ve already had a merry Top 5 this...more

  • World of Warships: Participate in Open Alpha Weekend

    12/09/2014 08:19 am - The time has come, fellow Wargaming fans. The upcoming free-to-play shooter World of Warships is opening its doors to a mass play-test weekend for the first time ever! It seems as though the Wargaming community has been particularly good this year,...more

  • World of Warships: New Gameplay Trailer Surfaces

    12/09/2014 08:07 am - Wargaming has released a new video, showcasing some pretty nifty World of Warships gameplay footage, in anticipation of the upcoming weekend. Why? Because between Dec. 12th and Dec. 14th, all players will finally get the chance to try the war shooter...more

  • Black Desert: Coming to North America and Europe in 2015

    12/06/2014 03:15 am - We promised in an earlier news article that we would keep you in the loop about further information regarding Black Desert, the upcoming sandbox game. And here we are! Pearl Abyss held a media press conference this week, dropping a few hints about...more

  • Weekly Update: A League of Updates and Other News

    11/08/2014 05:00 am - Whereas last week it seemed as though we here at had turned into the official Plants vs. Zombies 2 fanclub, this week it almost seems as though we are sponsored by the folks over at Riot Games. Without even covering every tidbit of...more

  • Weekly Update: Not Really, But Sort of Open Betas and More

    11/01/2014 05:30 am - Finally, Halloween is over! Don’t get us wrong, it is truly one of our favorite festivities here at, but having to work through several Halloween events and updates each day does get a bit tiring. Mostly, because there are only so...more

  • HEX - Shards of Fate: Play Without a Beta Key

    10/29/2014 04:47 am - Whether they’re used to pigeon-hole people or to categorize a certain stage in game development, labels are a tricky thing. Cryptozoic Entertainment seems to agree, as the developers behind HEX have now sent the competitive card game into a more...more

  • Weekly Update: Lots of Everything

    10/11/2014 04:30 am - This has certainly been one heck of a week. In the last seven days, we pretty much covered a little bit of everything here on Halloween is slowly but surely approaching, so it was no wonder that many events were launched. A few game...more

  • Weekly Update: A Mixed Week of News

    10/04/2014 03:25 am - Unpack your costume, carve some pumpkins, and wrap yourself in a blanket. October is here! Autumn is coming in full swing, as is Halloween, our favorite holiday of the year. Naturally, you will already find the first Halloween-related event in our...more

  • Might and Magic Heroes Online: English Version Now Available

    09/30/2014 10:13 am - It’s taken Ubisoft (Anno Online, The Settlers Online) quite a while to make Might and Magic Heroes Online available to an international community. The English version has now launched, allowing players from all around the world to join the browser...more

  • Chaos Heroes Online: Join Open Beta Today

    09/30/2014 07:57 am - All Chaos Heroes Online servers are going offline today. Only temporarily, of course, as Aeria Games (F.E.A.R. Online) is preparing the free-to-play MOBA for its open beta testing phase. Before the maintenance starts at 10am (CET), everyone is...more

  • F.E.A.R. Online: Open Beta Testing Followed by Steam Launch

    09/30/2014 05:13 am - It is difficult to stay on top of gaming news these days with developers jumping back and forth between testing phases. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies had already entered open beta - until the servers were taken offline to prepare for launch. The same...more

  • Weekly Update: Announcing Smash Champs and Other News

    09/27/2014 04:30 am - Look at the time. It’s hard to believe that another week has passed. We don’t know how you guys are feeling, but our mind is still caught somewhere in summer. Knowing that Christmas is only three months away manages to catch us off guard every single...more

  • Counter-Strike Nexon - Zombies: Going Into Open Beta Today

    09/23/2014 11:07 am - The days of waiting and hoping are over. The times of constantly checking your email inbox to see if you got that one beta key that you have been desperately waiting for are no more. We announced it not too long ago and finally the day is here. The f...more

  • Weekly Update: Clash of Clans and Other Mobile News

    09/20/2014 03:00 am - Another seven days have passed, another weekly update is in order. Every Saturday, we here at like to take a moment to reflect on what has happened in the world of video gaming within the last week, giving you a quick overview over...more

  • Weekly Update: Featured Game Modes and the Sims

    09/13/2014 03:25 am - If you’re keeping up with our weekly updates, we have good and bad news for you. Bad news: You have aged another week since our last weekly update. Good news: A lot of fun things have happened in the online and mobile gaming world. If you’re...more

  • Counter-Strike Nexon - Zombies: Open Beta Date and First Screenshots

    09/10/2014 10:02 am - Nexon Europe is getting its gears in motion to make Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies available to all by sending it into open beta later this month. For those of you who haven’t heard about the new installment to the classic shooter franchise, let us...more

  • Weekly Update: Such Release. Very Testing. Wow.

    09/06/2014 04:05 am - Don’t shoot us for using a meme in our headline that is so two months ago, but this was our actual reaction when we went through the news and headlines of the last seven days. The industry is buzzing. It is the number one time of the year for new...more

  • Tribal Wars 2: Open Beta Begins Today

    09/02/2014 03:36 am - Today is the day that Tribal Wars 2 enters open beta. The strategy browser game now welcomes everyone - regardless of whether you had previously received a beta key or not. After selected gamers have had the chance to conquer the medieval online...more

  • ArcheAge: Open Beta and Official Launch in September

    09/01/2014 03:25 am - Trion Worlds had quite the announcements to make last weekend at PAX Prime: The game studio not only revealed the launch date for the new Rift expansion or gave first details on the upcoming closed beat for Trove, they also surprised everyone with...more

  • Weekly Update: An Eventful Week

    08/30/2014 05:35 am - If you’re familiar with our website, you know the procedure - a new Weekly Update means that another seven days in our lives have passed. Seven days are a long time and a lot is bound to happen in the free-to-play gaming industry. Without further ado...more

  • Strife: Open Beta Release Trailer

    08/29/2014 08:09 am - Those of you hoping and praying for another beta key giveaway can let out a sigh of relief, as Strife is now officially open to everyone. You no longer need a special key to join the MOBA and battle against friends and other gamers online...more

  • Weekly Update: Gamescom Fever 2014

    08/16/2014 04:00 am - Phew. Generally, being an online editor is not too stressful. Sure, usually we work on a thousand things simultaneously and always have a certain kind of deadline in the back of our minds. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t go so far as to call our jobs overl...more

  • Weekly Update: Relive the Story of Rapture on iOS

    08/09/2014 03:00 am - Our weekly update has the tendency to make us feel like we’re quickly aging and getting older. Every time we open a new document and start typing away, we realize that another seven days have gone by. Games have been announced, patches released, and...more

  • Nosgoth: Ready for Open Beta this Winter

    08/06/2014 03:24 am - If you think this week's open beta weekend is not enough time for you to fully enjoy Nosgoth, simply wait for the free-to-play arena game to become available to all. Soon, you will no longer need a beta key to join the vampire-versus-human brawl...more

  • Nosgoth: Double Experience and Open Beta Weekend

    08/06/2014 03:07 am - Have you been giving Nosgoth players the evil eye because they had a key and you didn't? While that is perfectly understandable (check out our preview here), there's no need to be envious. Square Enix and Psyonix have good news for you: Nosgoth will...more

  • Transformers Universe: Open for Everyone Starting this Weekend

    07/03/2014 06:24 am - Let us take a moment to tell you a little story about the development of Transformers Universe: In 2011, Jagex and Hasbro teamed up to work on a free-to-play online game based on the popular Transformers toys. Originally, the title was scheduled for...more

  • Zombies Monsters Robots: Open Beta Slaughter Starts Tomorrow

    06/30/2014 04:44 am - Developers usually shy away from launching new games right in the middle of summer. Why? Because with the temperature rising and the sun out, player numbers often go down. En Masse Entertainment believes in the power of indoorsy gaming nerds...more

  • Weekly Update: A Week of Updates and Expansions

    06/28/2014 03:00 am - The world of mobile games and free-to-play games is constantly full of changes. There is rarely any kind of stagnation. If games don’t go from closed beta to open beta or add events to their worlds, they usually have some kinds of updates or expansio...more

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