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  • RuneScape: Big Expansions Announced for 2017

    09/21/2016 05:36 am - The free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape is celebrating its 15-year anniversary this year, which is an unbelievable age in the online gaming industry. To celebrate the occasion, the development studio Jagex hosted the RuneFest 2016 in London last Saturday....more

  • RuneScape: Anniversary Quest Developed by Creators of the MMORPG

    06/23/2016 07:19 am - The free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape has already been around for more than 15 years! That is certainly a reason for celebration. Since 15 years might not sound so long at first, let us put that into perspective. Just think about it: People were still us...more

  • Chronicle – Runescape Legends: Officially Launching This Month

    05/13/2016 06:18 am - It feels like it has been quite a long journey for the upcoming trading card game Chronicles: Runescape Legends. In October 2014, the guys and girls over at Jagex announced that they were working on an online card battler set in the Runescape univers...more

  • RuneScape: Christmas Event Has Started

    12/01/2015 07:32 am - Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over, there’s no denying that Christmas is right around the corner. There’s Christmas music everywhere, colorful lights are sparkling wherever you look, and Santa Claus is getting ready to travel around the...more

  • Chronicle – Runescape Legends: Closed Beta Launch

    11/25/2015 05:21 am - Ever since the announcement of the new card-game Chronicle – Runescape Legends, we have been keeping a close eye on the development process waiting patiently for the free game to enter the closed beta....more

  • Chronicle - Runescape Legends: Closed Beta Starts Next Month

    10/07/2015 07:16 am - Fans of the free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape have a new Card Game to look forward to. The CCG will enter closed beta next month, and is open for registration now for hopeful beta testers. It was almost a full year ago when Jagex announced the new...more

  • Transformers Universe: Jagex Shuts Down Browser Game

    12/17/2014 03:35 am - Transformers Universe is being shut down. Yes, you read that right! Jagex and Hasbro have now confirmed what many players have predicted since noticing a lack of updates: The competitive browser game will meet an early demise and go offline for good...more

  • RuneScape: Explore the Lost City of the Elves Expansion

    11/12/2014 05:30 am - RuneScape players have been waiting over a decade for a full-blown expansion. Now, with the addition of the city of Prifddinas and several elven clans, it's time to learn new skills and lend the mysterious, pointy-eared people a helping hand...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Gaming Charity

    11/14/2014 10:00 am - Gamers don’t necessarily have a good reputation. While the attitude towards us as a group has shifted a little bit over the years, we’re still often marginalized as sociopathic violence enthusiasts that have nothing better to do than shoot down...more

  • Chronicles - Runescape Legends: New Release

    10/15/2014 03:10 am - Runescape returns with a new take on this massive free-to-play fantasy adventure. The developers at Jagex have brought us a card battler that is almost exactly the same… should I say shares similarities with... allot of other card battlers (cough Hea...more

  • Transformers Universe: Megatron and the Decepticons Strike

    09/29/2014 08:29 am - The Autobots' greatest weakness lies in their friendship with the human race - according to the Decepticons, at least. They don't care about who gets hurt in the process, as long as they can rule over the Transformers Universe once and for all...more

  • Transformers Universe: Autobots Need Your Help in New Trailer

    09/29/2014 08:11 am - The Autobots are asking for your help in Transformers Universe, the free-to-play team shooter that can be played in the browser of your choice. Build a stronghold, lead their mechs with an iron grip and assist them in taking down the Decepticons...more

  • Rant & Rave: News Droughts and Vanilla Servers

    09/14/2014 02:05 am - Everyone needs to blow off steam from time to time and for us, it’s the weekly Rant & Rave on Sundays that allows us to do so. Here, we get to talk about current affairs and old habits of the gaming industry that either make us really happy or...more

  • Transformers Universe: New Mechs, Maps, and Modes - Outlook for the Future

    09/08/2014 08:16 am - Transformers Universe has been in open beta for about eight weeks. This has been a intense time of tweaks, updates, and fixes. Jagex are usually very communicative with their communities and openly share what's going on behind the scenes. After last...more

  • Transformers Universe: Firebreaker Now Available as New Decepticon

    08/21/2014 04:44 am - A new patch has been deployed for Transformers Online, adding two new playable characters to the mix. The first is Macro, an Autobot that we’ve thoroughly introduced in a previous spotlight. To freshen up your memory: He has access to a cameo shield...more

  • Transformers Universe: Firebreaker Enters the Browser Battlefield

    08/21/2014 02:00 am - A new Decepticon is ready to storm the arena and show off its destructive powers. Against Autobots, preferably! Firebreaker is a stealthy alien robot that usually works from the shadows and strikes when enemy players least expect it...more

  • RuneScape: First Expansion Pack with Lost City of the Elves

    08/12/2014 04:45 am - Not many gaming communities can say that they have been waiting 12 years for a particular story to wrap up. RuneScape players now can, however! The first ever expansion for RuneScape, a fantasy browser game that celebrated its initial launch in 2001...more

  • Transformers Universe: Introducing Swagger and Better Matchmaking

    07/29/2014 07:28 am - One of the most fun things about online games in their beta phases is the amount of updates and new content that players can expect. The downside is the lack of balancing and long waiting times that players are bound to experience. Anyone that is...more

  • Transformers Universe: Meet More New Warriors

    07/25/2014 06:02 am - Not too long ago, we here at announced that new warriors would soon make their way to Transformers Universe, and it seems as though the time has come. It has been a while since the last new Autobots and Decepticons were added to the...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Power of the Elements

    07/25/2014 10:00 am - As fantasy nerds, we’re no strangers to the use of different elements in video games. We have slipped into the role of wizards who hurled fireballs, magicians that froze foes into place or druids who could conjure up roots to entangle others. Even...more

  • Weekly Update: Summer in Full Force

    07/19/2014 04:00 am - It is warm. We are sticky and sweaty. The free-to-play gaming industry has put its proverbial car into neutral. Summer is here in full force. While our news feed was still filled with articles on minor and not-so-minor updates, only few announcements...more

  • Transformers Universe: More Transformers Coming Soon

    07/16/2014 07:50 am - Against all odds, the free-to-play MOTA (massively online tactical action game) Transformers Universe went into its open beta on July 4th. We here at say "against all odds" because there were times when it seemed pretty unlikely that...more

  • RuneScape: Back to Classic Combat with New Legacy Mode

    07/15/2014 05:13 am - Ever since the beginning of 2014, Jagex has included its community in the process of decision-making for RuneScape. Players have had the chance to voice their opinion in more than 50 polls, helping the game studio shape the future of the online...more

  • Transformers Universe: Treating Players to Another Double XP Weekend

    07/10/2014 06:18 am - In case you haven’t heard yet, the free-to-play MOTA (massively online tactical action game) Transformers Universe by Jagex has finally gone into its open beta. After months of waiting and much silence, the online game went through its various...more

  • Transformers Universe: Open for Everyone Starting this Weekend

    07/03/2014 06:24 am - Let us take a moment to tell you a little story about the development of Transformers Universe: In 2011, Jagex and Hasbro teamed up to work on a free-to-play online game based on the popular Transformers toys. Originally, the title was scheduled for...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Best In-Game Achievements

    06/27/2014 10:00 am - Writing up a recent news article for Super Hero Squad Online about the vast amount of achievements the free-to-play game would be getting in the near future got us thinking: Were we really going to be rewarded for letting our superhero fart while...more

  • Transformers Universe: Meet Sparkscape and Diabla

    06/09/2014 03:05 am - If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of Transformers Universe, you might be familiar with the procedure. Every few weeks, the folks over at Jagex introduce two new playable characters for their upcoming action game. One is usually a Decepticon and...more

  • Transformers Universe: Introducing the Decepticon Diabla

    06/08/2014 03:30 am - New Transformers always come in a double pack. Yesterday, we introduced the Autobot Sparkscape. Today, it is time for Diabla to shine. Keep in mind, however, that she is just as diabolical as she sounds. She will make your life a living hell......more

  • Transformers Universe: Heating Things Up with Sparkscape

    06/07/2014 04:00 am - Every time a new Transformer is introduced to the upcoming free-to-play title, the folks over at Jagex pamper players with a new gameplay trailer. Check out Sparkscape, the latest Autobot to find his way to Transformers Universe....more

  • Transformers Universe: Say Hello to Flatline and Macro

    05/19/2014 07:13 am - We here at have witnessed this pattern before. It seems almost as though the folks over at Jagex are going through a similar phase like Snail Games a few months ago when their upcoming MMORPG Black Gold Online was in between its...more

  • Transformers Universe: Showdown and Mismatch Rolling In

    05/12/2014 07:09 am - It's time to introduce two new characters to the upcoming free-to-play MOTA (massively online tactical action game) Transformers Universe by Jagex (RuneScape). Ever since the studio announced its plans to release the online game this summer, there...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Whatever Happened To ...

    05/02/2014 09:15 am - There’s literally no worse move for developers than to get really quiet about new projects. As a community looking forward to a game’s release, we want two things: not to be kept in the dark and a constant surge of information that keeps us updated...more

  • Transformers Universe: Catapult and Shellshock Are Introduced

    04/07/2014 08:29 am - The folks over at Jagex have quite the intense spring ahead if they actually plan on launching their upcoming MOTA (massively online tactical action game) Transformers Universe this summer. In the last few weeks, the studio has definitely been more a...more

  • Transformers Universe: New Gameplay Trailer Shows Combat

    04/01/2014 04:05 am - The steps to becoming a legendary robot are picking a faction, choosing a warrior and rushing into battle to take down others...more

  • Transformers Universe: Conduit and Front-Line Join the Game

    03/17/2014 07:18 am - One by one (or rather two by two?), the guys and girls over at Jagex are introducing their cast of playable characters in the upco...more

  • Transformers Universe: First Autobot and Decepticon Introduced

    03/04/2014 05:00 am - The folks over at Jagex weren’t fooling around when they announced a few weeks ago that they were thoroughly preparing Transformer...more

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