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Runes of Magic
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Runes of Magic Description

Discover the so far unexplored areas of Taborea. The runes will guide you and introduce you to a world that is both dangerous and enchanting at the same time, a world full of fantasy...


The online game Runes of Magic includes a complex backstory that you discover during the game. In the course of time all of the pieces fall into place and the world Taborea reveals itself before your eyes.

The massively multiplayer online RPG is client-based, which means you need to download the game client after registering and install it to your computer. The client connects with the Runes of Magic game servers and enables you to play together with thousands of real users around the globe. Without the game client the game wouldn’t look the same.

The complex 3D graphics of Runes of Magic appear especially detailed and playful. The magical symbols of the players- which are displayed in different colours- alone are impressive. Browser games are not yet as graphically sophisticated.

At the beginning of Runes of Magic, you pick a character which you can develop further as time goes by. Your character fights and communicates with other players in your place.

One of the most important attributes of your character is its class. There are eight different classes in Runes of Magic; for example, there are Warriors, Scouts, Rogues, Priests and Druids. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses. In the end, however, no one class is actually superior to the others. It is also possible to combine two classes in your character.

The world of Taborea is far from being a safe place. There are enemies lurking everywhere. Quite often you have to battle against other players. Whether you win or lose depends very much on your skill and experience level, but also, of course, on your equipment.

As you proceed in the game, you have the opportunity to collect stronger items which enable you to reach higher levels. Sometimes it’s not easy to handle these items, however. A special feature in Runes of Magic is “The Aggregator“. It allows you to meld the powers of two items into one. For example, you can combine the strength of two swords and create a single, but twice as powerful, sword.

Runes of Magic is a rather sophisticated game, not only graphically but also in regards to its features and the possibilities to fight and develop your character.

by Kyle Hayth

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