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RumbleRace Description

Become a team owner and lead your team to maximum success! In this browser game many different routes with different levels of difficulty are waiting for you...


Rumble Race takes you into the world of fast cars and hot asphalt. You have your own racing team. Your task is to lead your team to success. You gather a team of mechanics and drivers. You can choose between 15 different drivers, all of which have different strengths and weaknesses.

The right tactics are needed to stand as the winner on the podium. Train your riders according to their abilities and strengths and prepare them for their difficult opponents - only the fastest team will win the trophy. You have the option to participate in friendship races or in point races.

Rumble Race offers you a variety of options to best train your team and become competitive. 28 different race cars are at your disposal. Choose the most suitable for you and prepare yourself for your big race. 20 routes of varying difficulty are waiting for you and your driver. Depending on your success you can win cash prizes of various values, which will help you improve your team further.

You need the money for new cars, repairs, mechanics, and for the expansion of your team. Rumble Race provides insight into the life of a racing team manager.

by Kyle Hayth

RumbleRace Screenshots

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