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Rumble Fighter
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Rumble Fighter Description

The good old days of beat ‘em up games are back! This free-to-play online game brings pressing the right buttons and getting nifty combinations back into the limelight. Show other players that you have what it takes to become the best street fighter...


Moving up in the world of Rumble Fighter takes skill, expertise and the right amount of patience. Why the right amount? Because waiting too long before launching an attack against opponents can have fatal consequences - just like striking too quickly can give you a serious disadvantage in this free-to-play online game. Easy controls allow you to navigate through the fantasy world and communicate with other players - whether they are your friends or your arch nemesis. There are various fighting styles for you to pick from in this action title, each of them linked to not only your character class, but also the scroll you choose as your main source of power.

Rumble Fighter currently features six distinct classes. Strikers like to get up close and personal when challenging their enemies; Soul Fighters make up for a weak defense by increased agility and quick reflexes. While Elementalists call upon psychic powers to defeat anyone in their path, Alchemists rely on overdrive equipment and steampunk inventions to win duels. Then there are Shamans, a band of soothsayers closely connected to the spirit world. With their ability to control the nature that surrounds them, they are the most balanced class in this anime role-playing game. On your journey through different villages you might stumble across Androids. These require level 20 and make a great addition to any group - assuming you know how to play them well. These metallic warriors might be easy to play, but are definitely the hardest class to master.

The further your champion advances, the more you get to play against other players. Different game modes allow you to either play solo or group up with your friends, entirely depending on how you want to play Rumble Fighter. If you have had it up to here with player-versus-player combat, just take a little break and head into Adventure mode. Here, you get to go up against ghoulish creatures and collect valuable items which can then be used to buff up your character. Remember to always keep an eye on the time, though. Racing against the clock often proves more difficult than you think!

Rumble Fighter Screenshots

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