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Ruined Description

Imagine a browser game set in a dark and mysterious post-apocalyptic San Francisco where peace has long gone and the city lies under a blanket of destruction...


Ruined is an apocalyptic-themed action browser game whereby you roam the destroyed streets of San Francisco, USA, and take on your evil terrorising enemies. Ruined is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter game set in a demolished 3D world. Become fully immersed in this devastated future by experiencing the unique unity run graphics engine and a realistic environment.

There are six different villainous character classes to choose from in Ruined Online. These include the Assassin, the Mad Medic, the Crawler, the Samurai, the Enforcer, and the Mutant.

The Assassin is hedonistic and blessed with beauty. She distracts her enemies with her enigma and uses the power of the knife to overthrow her opponents The Mad Medic is a lunatic with a penchant for murder, and known as the doctor of death. The Crawler is an aggressive and primitive freakish creature, forced to rise from the underground in order to satisfy his hunger, for food and for destruction.

The Samurai is mysterious, swift and highly efficient. He uses the power of the mighty samurai sword to slay his opponents. The Enforcer is an elite society guard whose mission in life is to establish order. Anyone that crosses her path and dares to break a rule will be severely punished. Lastly, the Mutant: strong, powerful, but gentle, the mutant uses brute strength to smash his opponents. Select your character, equip them with powerful weaponry and equipment and step into the darkened post-apocalyptic world of Ruined.

Join the large-scale arena battles, take part in intense PvP combat and roam the sludgy wastelands of San Francisco in the action-packed browser game Ruined.

by Kyle Hayth

Ruined Screenshots

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