Royal Story: Former Pixar Artist Redesigning the Characters

09/12/2016 07:09 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsBrowser GamesOnline Games

Royal Story

Royal Story

The guys and girls over at FunPlus have hired a high-profile artist to help them redesign Royal Story’s characters and artwork. Glenn Kim is on board to give the free-to-play browser game a royal makeover. The name doesn’t ring a bell? That’s okay, since the animation studio that he was part of for fourteen years definitely will. Glenn Kim was an artist at Pixar contributing to iconic movies such as The Incredibles, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2, and Wall-E. He has been with FunPlus for a while now, and he is responsible for redesigning the entire look of the building game.

But why does the free-to-play title need a makeover in the first place? According to Kim, there are two crucial reasons. All of the characters were initially designed by different artists, without sticking to one particular style, which makes the artwork seem disjointed. Additionally, some of the characters and game elements have become visually removed from the initial idea of creating a game with a royal theme since its launch three years ago. Kim’s goal is to create artwork that feels unique, coherent, modern, and fresh.

Overhauling the artwork is likely going to take a while before it’s finished. Merella, one of the most prominent characters in Royal Story, is the first one to get her makeover. We can't wait for the finished result.

Source: Press release

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