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Royal Story
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Royal Story Description

If you love fairy tales and have always dreamed of becoming a price or princess, then jump right into this free-to-play kingdom building game, where your childhood dreams can become a reality!


Royal Story is a free-to-play online game where you become the ruler of an entire kingdom. Develop your very own fairy tale with interesting characters, a mysterious land, and challenging adventures. Become the prince or princess of a royal castle, and turn your land into a piece of paradise. Brought to you by FunPlus, the developers who also brought Family Farm Seaside, this online game allows you to socialize with friends, compare kingdoms, and trade online. Build your territory brick by brick, all the while making sure your townspeople and royal subjects are happy and well looked after.

No fairy tale is ever complete without a villain, and Royal Story is no exception. You are tasked with ridding the land of an evil that wishes to see you, your townspeople, and your kingdom destroyed! The evil we speak of is called Altessa, a wicked sorceress that will stop at nothing to see you fail and witness your demise. Don’t fret though, all is not lost, as you have a great group of friends and a massive online community that that will be with your every step of the way.

Compared to Altessa, the wicked witch, the other characters in this free-to-play title are far more likable. Make friends with humble townspeople, gooey-eyed adorable creatures, and dopey farm animals. Don't get too distracted by all the cute and fluffy animals though, as you have a huge responsibility as ruler of your land to ensure that everything is in perfect working order. Make sure your subjects are catered for by providing them with all the necessities they need to thrive. Look after crops, raise livestock, and even grow fruit trees. After all, there are a lot of mouths to feed in an entire kingdom, so manage the land well and hope for a plentiful harvest if you want to keep your townsfolk happy!

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