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Royal Revolt
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Royal Revolt Description

An army of fierce warriors, rangers and wizards is eager to follow you into battle and reclaim your father's throne. Conquer castles by showing off your skills and tap the touchscreen of your mobile device to send out orders and lead the way.


Royal Revolt is a reverse tower defense that will send you on a fantasy quest to claim what is rightfully yours. Your father’s throne has been taken by green-eyed relatives and it’s up to you to stop them from giving your family a bad name. Because they simply won’t listen to reason, there is only one way for you to step in: By recruiting a massive amount of troops and invading their castles. Make sure that your units have enough armor to block any projectiles fired at you from towers and defensive buildings, as that will surely help you achieve victory in this free mobile game.

Every unit available for purchase in Royal Revolt has its own strengths. While knights offer melee power and shields to block incoming attacks, rangers will stay back and attack from a safe distance. Mages, however, have studied the arts of magic and are eager to blast their opponents to bits when the situation calls for it. Then there’s the ballista, a siege weapon that’s invaluable when invading villages. The more gold coins you collect, the higher you can upgrade these groups - individually of course, giving you a chance at customizing your army of fearless warriors and set yourself apart from other players. Your hero will always be the one at the front, leading the units into battle.

Upgrade your champion as you play through dozens of unique levels. Think of Royal Revolt as The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, except that here, you have units following your every step and you can play wherever and whenever thanks to mobile support. The free-to-play action game is available for Android and iOS systems, regardless of whether you play on a smartphone or tablet. Simply tap the touchscreen to lead your hero to victory, call out commands or cast powerful spells to wreak havoc. Every map has a possible three-star rating that you get by showing off your skills. Should you end a map and be rewarded less than three starts, feel free to start the map from scratch and try again.

Royal Revolt Screenshots

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