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Royal Revolt 2
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Royal Revolt 2 Description

Roll up your sleeves and charge into battle if you want to rule this mobile game! The secret to being the best player is successfully launching attacks on other kingdoms while keeping your territory safe at the same time. Get ready to rumble...


Royal Revolt 2 picks up where the mobile game’s predecessor left off: Pick up your weapon, recruit minions to join you on your medieval journey and get ready to tear down enemy walls by attacking other players and raiding their strongholds. For the first time ever, you also have to take good care of your own kingdom. Putting up sturdy stone walls will be a good first step to protecting your territory in this free-to-play online game, but that is not all there is to climbing up the official ranking in Royal Revolt 2. You need magic, fast reflexes and gold. Lots of gold! The shiny currency can be gathered by completing quests, playing through missions and unlocking new achievements. Everyone is counting on you to overthrow the kingdom!

So what’s the best way to protect your castle from greedy invaders? You alone get to choose which kind of trap or defense to put up in Royal Revolt 2. We recommend mixing and matching a few different types to cover your bases. While spike traps will pierce anything or anyone trying to get past and loot your treasure chambers, bomb towers will blow up multiple targets at once. Every construction can be upgraded to do more damage and attack more frequently. Spend your coins wisely in this tower defense and make sure to come up with the deadliest maze the online world has ever seen.

Don’t let other players intimidate you! Prove to them that you not only have nerves of steel, but also enough troops to take down their humble abode without breaking a sweat. In Royal Revolt 2, health bars will inform you of minions losing hit points. It is wise to always keep a close eye on your hero’s well-being as well and dodge incoming attacks should you be close to dying. Explore the mobile game by roaming fantasy lands and launching attacks on players from all over the world. It's time to take back the throne...

Royal Revolt 2 Screenshots

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Royal Revolt 2 News

  • Royal Revolt 2: Now Available on Facebook!

    03/24/2016 11:03 am - The free-to-play game Royal Revolt 2 has launched on Facebook! After being a mobile and browser only game for a while, it can now be played on the world’s most popular social network....more

  • Royal  Revolt 2: Christmas Update Has Now Arrived!

    12/15/2014 07:08 am - There are already dozens of games that are strikingly similar to Royal Revolt 2, like Clash of Lords 2, Clash of Kingdoms, and Castle Clash, all of which are battling for the top spot this Christmas by releasing all sorts of updates. It was only last...more

  • Royal Revolt 2: New Alliance Update Coming Soon

    11/13/2014 04:41 am - Just when we thought we were the most powerful rulers in all the land and that our kingdoms were safe from invasion, another update is on the way to Royal Revolt 2. Soon, players of the free mobile game will be able to form alliances and go into...more