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Royal Quest
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Royal Quest Description

Jump into this fantasy, modern meets old, steampunk adventure game in which you are tasked with bringing peace to a land full of darkness. Are you the hero The King needs to save his world and its people? Prove it by joining today...


Royal Quest is a free-to-play MMORPG where players explore a fantasy world called Aura, full of monsters, demons, and powerful lords. Choose your class of hero and quest with thousands of other players online as you battle it out to become the most influential lord in all the land. However, this is no easy task as you will have to overcome dark powers that have settled in every crevice, every cave, and every dark, dank space in this free-to-play role playing game. Have you got the power to overcome the evil that threatens Aura?

This download game will have you exploring misty forests, dry deserts, dark caves, and luscious meadows in your quest to defeat the Dark Alchemists. The King is in search of a brave hero to banish these invaders once and for all. These troubled souls will stop at nothing, destroy anything, and kill anyone, just to get their hands on the precious Elinium mineral; a rare stone that has many unique and mysterious properties.

Before you become the King’s hero and the savior of Aura, you must first choose your class of character. Like other RPGs, namely League of Angels and Knight's Fable, this free-to-play game has quite the array of interesting, yet admittedly typical, classes to choose from, including Mages, Warriors, Thieves, Rogues, Archers, Dark Knights, and more.

During your Royal Quest adventures you can also find pets of all shapes and sizes which you can summon not only to provide you with some company in the lonely forests and deserts, but also to help you in battle and help you to collect items that may drop. Each pet has its own characteristics, which makes for an amusing companion to an already feature-rich strategy game.

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