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ROSE Online
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ROSE Online Description

Help protect Arua’s beautiful universe from the wrath of the evil Dark God Hebarn in this thrilling fantasy online game. Ward off the evil that could destroy life as we know it...


ROSE Online is an MMORPG set in a faraway utopian universe, created by the loving Arua. For a long time, creatures have lived in peace in this mystical and beautiful land. But the balance is threatened by the banished Dark God Hebarn, who seeks to destroy everything he desires. It is your task to protect the seven planets from destruction and relentlessly fight against the looming evil forces.

In the free role-playing game ROSE Online there are four varying character classes to choose from, each with two further professions. As a brave Soldier, you can play either as a Knight or Champion. Soldiers know no boundaries and are experts at melee combat. As a Muse you play either as a Cleric or Mage in ROSE Online. The Muse class represents mystical magic, enchantment and powerful spells. As a Hawker you can play as a Scout or Raider. Hawkers roam the land and boldly venture into the unknown. As a Dealer, you can play as Bourgeois or Artisan, using crafty trade skills to help other adventurers and make a profit. Each character has its own strengths and advantages, so choose wisely.

In ROSE Online there are seven different planets, each with their own unique environment and setting. Discover the vastness of Arua’s universe as you journey across these planets. You can choose to adventure alone or as part of a strong faction, engaging in both PvP combat, all-out faction battles and raging clan wars. Factions are controlled by NPCs in ROSE Online. There are three modes of transportation in the client game, including the Castle Gear, the Cart and the Flying Vessel. These can be customized as you progress through the online game and obtain victory.

by Kyle Hayth

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