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Roger & Out
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Roger & Out Description

Get your hands on a crazy robot and outfit it with all of the bells and whistles you can think of – from rockets to quirky eyeballs – everything is possible in this free-to-play game.


To space! Roger & Out is a free-to-play, browser-based online game that challenges you to take your robot from zero to hero. You will be faced with various strange and tough quests that will have you laughing and having fun in the zero-gravity environment of space.

The goal of the game is to create your own robot monstrosity, or just a regular sized one, and face-off against other place. Only the strong will survive in this online game. In order to make sure that you win every fight, beat every enemy and take all of the glory, you will have to make sure that your robot has the best items available. That is how you can improve the individual abilities of your robot and at the same time, guarantee your victory. In this space adventure, you will be on the hunt for allies who can help you master any challenge. Alongside your guildmates, you will not only take down tough challenges, but also have to take on other alliances as well. Again and again, you will conquer guilds and new areas in Roger & Out. Basically, the ultimate goal is to control all of space!

Roger & Out also has something for those hardcore sci-fi fans as well… those of you out there will find yourselves laughing at tiny jokes or hints from the most famous moments in sci-fi history. In this browser game with a fun comic look, there is never going to be a shortage of things to do.

Roger & Out Screenshots

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